About us

Started out as a small retail space of 200 sq.ft, as a single branded outlet, Hari Agencies, have expanded gradually in to a Complete Family Shop by expanding to a very large showroom, having different section for Ladies, Gents, Kids wear and Just born.

The History of Hari Agencies is a long saga of tradition, diversification and innovation. The beginning of the journey dates back to 1975, when Mr.B.Padmanabhan (who started his career as a salesman and gradually moved up as an entrepreneur by his dedicated hard work) started Hari Agencies, at Mylapore, Chennai with just 200 sq.ft space in first floor.

Initially, the shop was dealing with TANTEX vests and briefs, and gradually became a Multi Branded outlet. The journey has not been smooth. Still, the founder did not give up or did not compromise. He took no shortcut to success. Every step was a mark of hard work, honesty and dedication. Even today, he actively handles the accounts department and proves to be an inspiration to others.

Hari Agencies has now become a full fledged Multi brand showroom successfully run by Mr. P. Harikrishnan continuing the legacy following his father. Hari Agencies has its loyal customers with their second and third generation, purchasing happily.

www.harisonline.com is started to facilitate online shopping or our valuable customers. Go ahead and start shopping your favourite apparels.